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Gutter Repair

If you’re here you probably need a repair that was caused by not cleaning out your gutters and removing clogs. Don’t worry. We see it all the time. The weight of clogged water in a gutter can reach up to 300 pounds! Might as well take your spouse and Fido up on the roof and sit on your gutters. Pour a cup of coffee and have shortbread cookies. 

At Access Gutters, we specialize in cleaning and unclogging gutters and downspouts. If you need a repair to your existing gutters contact us and we can recommend our favorite gutter companies. These companies can repair gutters and the facia of your home. 

After your repair remember to clean your gutters regularly to avoid further damage.


Should I replace my gutters or repair them? 


Each home is different, but there are a few things to consider before deciding to have a complete installation on your home. The easiest way to tell is to analyze how many repairs are needed to get your gutters back to proper working order. 

Analyzing Repairs


Do any of your gutters look warped?

The most common cause of a warped section is due to fallen tree branches and limbs. This usually happens after a storm if your home has moderate to heavy tree coverage. Warped gutters aren’t usually a major issue and mostly cosmetic in nature. However, warping could suggest that water is no longer flowing properly. If you’re concerned, it’s best to have a gutter professional inspect the pitch to ensure water can drain properly. When replacement is necessary, it’s best to replace the entire run.

Are sections starting to pull off from your house?

If you notice sections or downspouts that appear loose or have separated from your home, they usually just need to be reattached. Gutters mount to the fascia of your house with brackets or hangers. Reattaching a bracket is simple and you may have to drill a new hole. If brackets/hangers are bent buy new ones. Time for a trip to Home Depot! Pro tip: There’s usually free coffee near the contractor checkout by the lumber section. 

Is the damage localized to one or two sections?

Installing new gutters is costly, let’s be honest. However, the benefits of gutters on your home outweigh the potential damage caused without them. However, a few small repairs don’t warrant a new install. Replacing sections is obviously cheaper than a complete replacement. If your home has copper gutters installed, we recommend repairs before replacing because copper is more expensive. 

Leaking in only one or two joint locations?

Small holes and cracks can be resealed with a silicone sealant. Larger holes will require attaching a piece of metal flashing before adding a sealant. Also, make sure those leaking sections and downspouts are securely fastened. 

When is it time to replace your gutters?


1. You have lots of small repairs.

2. Hangers/brackets will not stay attached.

3. Sections keep coming apart.

4. You notice a lot of sagging or incorrect pitch.

5. Water damage is evident even though your gutters are not clogged.



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